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Signals come from the sky. From the sea. From the ground beneath our feet. They are carried by the wind. Through the trees. Down hidden trails and long forgotten paths. They tell us stories. They remind us of history—and the history of our land. And they urge us onward, forward, reaching for new horizons. Dreaming new dreams. Imagining our world anew. … All you need to do is listen.  

There was a time when this 23-acre tract of farmland acted as a beacon. A barrel hoisted on a flagpole signaled to early Cape Cod settlers that a trade ship had arrived. That’s how Barrel Hill got its name: from that signal of commerce, community and connection.

Centuries later, Barrel Hill is poised to be a signal once again. As a new kind of development that listens to the natural landscape and is built for longevity. One that calls on the past for inspiration. And one that looks to the present to create the next generation of homes for this unspoiled parcel.
Starting at $799,900

Ann Marie Burbic


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